You are new to Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks (AEN 4.0)

What is Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks is Continuum Analytics’ hosted Python data analysis environment. Accessed through a modern browser, Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks is a ready-to-use, powerful, fully-configured Python analytics environment. We believe that programmers, scientists, and analysts should spend their time analyzing data, not working to set up a system.

Why Use Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

You don’t need to download anything. You don’t have to worry about installation. Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks already has Anaconda (a great Python distribution) installed and a Jupyter Notebook application that is available to you as soon as you create an Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks account. You also have a terminal, workbench and file manager applications—plus a project drive and home directory.

You can add team members to your project so they can see your data and files instantly—without any need to email files around. Plus, since Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks runs in the cloud, you and and all your team members can access your files and data wherever you have access to a modern browser. You are not tied to a particular laptop or desktop computer, so if you forget your laptop or your hard drive crashes—you still have easy access to everything you saved to your Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks account.

You start with a full featured project that runs on the Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks instance. You have the option to upgrade and add more projects with a larger project drive or a larger instance.


When you Log In

When you login for the first time to the new Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks, you will see your profile screen. Your picture is automatically updated with the gravatar associated with the email address you used to setup your Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks account. You will have a project that has already been created for you called my_project.

Jupyter Notebook Application

To get to the Jupyter Notebook application, you’ll want to navigate to your project (simply click on my_project). Then, click on the Jupyter Notebook icon on your project home screen. A new tab or window will open in your browser with the Jupyter Notebook application running.

It’s that simple!


You can also read more info about the Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks Jupyter Notebook Application.

What else you may want to check out in Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

In your project, you can add others as team members. You’ll find this ability in project settings.

You’ll definitely want to check out the other applications that are available: File Transfer application, Terminal application, File Manager application and more! You’ll find icons to start these on your project home screen.

If your Jupyter Notebook or other files take a long time to run—you may want to upgrade to a higher performance instance. This feature is availabe in Project Settings. Be aware that for the higher performance instances, you are charged an hourly rate whenever your project is running. A green circle next to your project means it is running, a red circle means it is stopped and no charges will occur. You can always start or pause your project in Project Settings.

If you need packages that do not come installed by default in Anaconda, you’ll want to check out the Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks Anaconda documentation on how to create environments and add packages.