Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks for Teams (AEN 4.0)

What You Need

I need to work on a problem with a group of colleagues. It would be great if we had a shared data area on the same computer that is already fully configured with an analytics environment and easily accessible with our browsers.

Why Choose Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks is ideal for small or large groups that want to work together in the cloud.

Every Project is essentially a team environment.

Every Project comes with a shared drive on a shared computer. You pick the size of the shared drive and the size of the computer.

Each project computer includes a full python stack and the standard set of apps, such as Jupyter Notebook.

Create a Project

When you create a Project you become the project owner. As the project owner you can add an unlimited number of team members.

Add Team Members

Each team members must create an account if they don’t already have one. On the project dashboard, the project owner can enter a username in the add field and click on the Add button.

Team Member Access

When team members login, they see a list of projects they “own” and a list of projects to which they can contribute. If you add a team member to your project, your project will show up in their Contributing list.

When the team member accesses a project that they are a member of they can run all the apps and they will have full access to the project drive (shared files).

Home Directories

Each team member will also have their home directory mounted to the project.

Only the Owner is Billed

The project owner is also the project sponsor. All costs associated with the project will be billed to the owner. The team members will not be billed, but they can adjust project settings that may increase the overall project costs.

Working with Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

Working with a team in Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks simplifies collaboration, data sharing, and billing.