SSO (AEN 4.1.1)

Single Sign On

AEN’s Single Sign On (SSO) capability creates a new authentication provider which defers to Anaconda Enterprise Repository for login and uses the authentication cookie from Repository.

To enable this feature, deploy AEN and Repository on the same machine and modify the following config files.

In the AEN Server’s config.json located at /opt/wakari/wakari-server/ etc/wakari/config.json add the following:

"SECRET_KEY": "<repo signing secret>",

Copy the SECRET_KEY from the Anaconda Repository configuration file.

In the AEN Server’s wk-server-config.json located at /opt/wakari/wakari-server/ etc/wakari/wk-server-config.json modify the following line:

"accounts": "wk_server.plugins.accounts.repo",

To activate the changes restart wakari-server:

sudo service wakari-server restart

Single sign on is now enabled.