Getting startedΒΆ

Running the adam command shows the options and subcommands that you can use:

$ adam
Usage: adam [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version                   Show the version and exit.
  -l, --log-level [info|debug|error]
                              Logging level  [default: debug]
  -h, --help                  Show this message and exit.

  cmd                   Execute a command on the nodes
  describe              Describe an Adam cluster or profile
  ec2                   EC2 options
  enterprise-notebooks  Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks options
  info                  Display Adam version, system, and
                          license information
  list                  List Adam clusters and profiles
  provision             Provision options
  remove                Remove a cluster
  repository            Anaconda Repository options
  salt                  Execute a Salt module
  scale                 Anaconda Scale options
  ssh                   SSH to one of the nodes
                          (0-based index)
  up                    Create a cluster from a profile

To see more information about a subcommand, add the -h or --help option after the subcommand.

EXAMPLE: adam up --help.

For details on using the various subcommands, see Tasks.

For information on installing Adam, creating a cluster, and installing and managing platform components, see the installation guide.