After installing Anaconda for cluster management and running any acluster command, the ~/.acluster directory is created, along with a sample provider file located in ~/.acluster/providers.yaml and a sample profile file located in ~/.acluster/profiles.d/.

An example of an ~/.acluster directory with multiple clusters and profiles is shown below:

├── clusters.d
│   ├── cluster1.yaml
│   ├── cluster2.yaml
│   ├── cluster3.yaml
├── profiles.d
│   ├── profile1.yaml
│   ├── profile2.yaml
└── providers.yaml

The profiles.d directory contains information about cluster setups, including the number and type of nodes, plugins, and other settings.

The providers.yaml file contains information about cloud providers.

The clusters.d directory contains information about clusters that are currently running.

For more information about profile and provider settings, refer to the following pages: