An organization is a grouping of Nucleus accounts with a managed set of rights and permissions. The following are a few benefits for creating an organization for you and other users in Nucleus:

  • Common space collaboration
  • Consistent tooling
  • Managed access and costs

Nucleus consumers can create multiple organizations and even be members of multiple organizations.

Managing your organization

If you wish to purchase multiple licenses, you can create an organization and purchase a subscription with multiple seats (licenses) to manage users. The person who created the organization will be the organization owner and admin.

As an admin, you can maintain administrative and billing control of the account, or assign these roles to other team members. It is not necessary for the admin to purchase a seat in order to administer the account.

Creating an organization

From your profile in the top-right corner, navigate to the Subscriptions tab, and then click Organizations on the left. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your organization. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the necessary information with you at this point—you may skip a fair number of steps and complete them at a later time.

  1. Log in to your Nucleus Account:
  2. Navigate to the organization home page:
  3. Click on the Form New Organization button on the right siide of the page, it will take you to the following page:
  4. You will then be asked to create an Organization Name and Organization ID. The Organization Name will be the name of your organization that you want people to see. The Organization Name can be changed at any time after it is created. The Organization ID is the organization’s URL identifier. The Organization’s URL is unique and you cannot choose an ID that someone else has already used. Once the Organization’s ID is assigned the Organization’s ID cannot be changed.
  5. Once you have created your organization, you will be re-directed to your organization’s home page so that you can start inviting members.

Inviting members to your organization and assigning seats

As admin, you can maintain administrative and billing control of the account, or assign these roles to other team members.

At this point, you should have purchased multiple seats (licenses) within one subscription and created an organization to manage users.


It is not necessary for you to purchase a seat for yourself in order to administer the account.

In order for tokens to be distributed, you (as the organizational admin) will need to invite members to your organization, and assign them seats (licenses):

Once you have created your organization, you are re-directed to your organization’s home page:<Your_Organization_ID>/home:

If you have logged out of Nucleus, you will need to log back in and navigate to the above page and do the following:

  1. Login to your Nucleus Account:
  2. Navigate to your organization’s home page:
  3. Choose your organization. You should now be at your organization’s home page:<Your_Organization_ID>/home
  4. Go to the Manage Members tab within your organization (on the left side of the page).
  5. Once there, invite members to your organization using the Invite Members button on the right side of the screen. It will open a pop-up window where you can enter the member(s) email address.
  6. Your member(s) will receive an email. Once they accept the invitation in the email, they will be re-directed to the Anaconda login page. There, they will again be asked to accept the invite and log in to Nucleus. If they do not already have a Nucleus Account they can create one using the email that the invite was sent to. If the member(s) already have a Nucleus account associated with the invite email, then they would first accept the invite using the link in the email, then login.
  7. Once the member has accepted the invite, the admin can assign the member(s) a seat (Anaconda license) from the Manage Members page of your account. Click-on the Actions tab and choose Assign Seat from the dropdown menu. From this page, you can also make a member an Account Admin or a Billing Admin, revoke their seat, or remove the member from the organization.
  8. Once you assign the member a seat in your organization, the member will receive an email with a link to the organization in their Nucleus Account. When the member clicks on this link, they will be re-directed to the token access page. They will need to select the Token Access button (on the left side of page) to activate their token.
  9. Once the member has activated their token, they will receive an email with their personal token and information for installing Anaconda and setting the token, which will then give them access to Anaconda Commercial Edition.
  10. If a member ever needs to reissue a token, they can do so from the Token Access tab in their organization profile. They will need to click the Reissue Token button and check their email for the new token.

Please let us know if you have further questions or need additional assistance. More information can be found at our support center.


Managing members

How do I assign or revoke admin permissions?

As an admin, you can assign or revoke admin permissions to other members of your organization. If you have purchased a subscription for your organization you can also assign/revoke Commercial Edition licenses. These actions are all done from the Manage Members view, which can be found in your organization’s page under Manage Members. If you see View Members instead, that means you do not have the right permissions in your organization and you should speak to your admin about getting permissions. Admins cannot change their own permissions.

How do I remove members from an organization?

Invitations can be revoked and members can be removed from the organization from the same Manage Members page. Admins can remove members but cannot remove themselves.

How do I leave an organization?

You can see all the organizations you belong to on the Organizations page. From there, click Leave Organization under your account. Admins cannot leave an organization; their permissions must be changed to ‘member’, and only then can they leave the organization.

Managing subscriptions

What am I subscribing to? What do subscriptions grant me?

You can subscribe to Commercial Edition as an organization. This gives you the ability to manage one bill and one payment method, but with multiple seats. Each seat has a unique token that can be assigned to an individual of the organization.

How do I purchase subscriptions?

As an admin for the organization, navigate to the Subscriptions tab in your organization profile and click Purchase Subscriptions. This will take you to the purchase page.

How do I change the number of subscriptions?

  1. Under User Settings in your profile, select Organizations.
  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab, and then select Update Subscription.
  3. Input the new required number of subscriptions.


The card used for the initial purchase of the subscription will also be used for additional subscription purchases.

What are “seats” and how do I purchase them?

Each subscription can have multiple active tokens, which we refer to this as a ‘seat.’ You can assign/revoke seats to/from your organization members, who will then receive an email and be able to create a token for Commercial Edition. From your organization profile page, navigate to the Subscriptions tab, and then click Purchase Subscriptions. Here you may enter how many seats you would like and if you would prefer a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you have an active subscription, you can navigate to this page again in order to increase/decrease the number of seats of your organization.

How do I get my token?

After you have been assigned a seat in the organization, you will see a tab appear in your organization profile for Token Access. From there, you can activate your token. You will receive an email containing your token with instructions on how to use it.

How do I reissue my token?

If you ever need to reissue a token, you can do so from the Token Access tab in your organization profile. Simply click the Reissue Token button and check your email for the new token.