Admin and install guide (AER 2.28)

This guide is for administrators and installers of Anaconda Repository.

What’s new in 2.28?

The Anaconda Repository 2.28 release is available to all Anaconda Repository customers as of March 22, 2017.

NOTE: If you have a subscription but do not have a license, contact support to receive that license. Otherwise contact sales to acquire it.

Administrators can update to the new Anaconda Repository release as described in the section Update Anaconda Repository.

Please contact your enterprise support representative if you have any questions or problems regarding the release.

Highlights of the update

  • Web interface can now delete and set access of packages.
  • Web interface can now delete files.
  • Web interface can now set and unset superuser and staff status on admin page.
  • Staff users can now access licensing.
  • Account admin page history is now paginated.
  • Installers can now be created from uploaded environments.
  • Other non-customer facing bug fixes.

For full details see Anaconda repository changelog.