Install Anaconda Repository (AER 2.31)

Enterprise Support is included with your purchase of Anaconda Enterprise Repository. If you have any questions during installation, please contact your sales representative or open a ticket with Enterprise Support.

You may also wish to see the instructions to update or uninstall Anaconda Repository.

Install Anaconda Repository

Your server must meet the requirements for hardware, software, security, and network. Please review and verify all your Anaconda Repository requirements before beginning your installation.

Online and Offline Installation

Those with internet access on the destination server should follow the Online Installation instructions. Those without internet access on the destination server, including those installing air gap systems, should follow the Offline Installation instructions.

Install summary

Download appropriate installer or air gap archive.

  1. Install MongoDB 2.6
  2. Create the Anaconda Repository administrator account
  3. Run Anaconda Repository installer
  4. Configure Anaconda Repository
  5. Start and log on to Anaconda Repository
  6. Set up automatic restart on reboot, fail or error
  7. Client configuration
  8. Install Anaconda Repository license
  9. (Optional) Mirror installers for Anaconda and Miniconda
  10. Mirror Anaconda Cloud

For additional help

Your organization receives Enterprise support with your purchase of Anaconda Repository. Please email support at the email address given to you by your sales representative.

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