Admin and install guide (AER 2.32)

This guide is for administrators and installers of Anaconda Repository.

What’s new in 2.32?

The Anaconda Repository 2.32 release is available to all Anaconda Repository customers as of August 22, 2017.

NOTE: If you have a subscription but do not have a license, contact support to receive that license. Otherwise contact sales to acquire it.

Administrators can update to the new Anaconda Repository release as described in the section Update Anaconda Repository.

Please contact your enterprise support representative if you have any questions or problems regarding the release.

Highlights of the update

  • Interface redesign
  • Company name changed from Continuum to Anaconda
  • Separated package groups collaborations in three tabs (packages, notebooks, environments)
  • Provided more info on feed for uploaded packages/environments/notebooks
  • Unicode validation on signup form
  • Package API returns builds and adds filter for search platform
  • Validation for profile name
  • Added option to upload all packages to a group at once
  • Added page to see feed for a user
  • Added some reserved names for packages
  • Semantic versions validation for installers version field
  • Warning header when token is about to expire
  • Make favorites page public
  • Added option ‘any’ to display all kinds of packages in repo view
  • Support for custom user avatar methods
  • Updated cas-mirror docs
  • Create installers uploading an environment file
  • Parcel and management packs can be created from installers previously created
  • SSL protocol version can now be customized
  • Stats API endpoint
  • Other non-customer facing bug fixes.

For full details see Anaconda repository changelog.