Administrative commands (AER 2.32)

In all examples below, replace “jsmith” with the name of the user whose settings you wish to change.

Reset a user’s password interactively:

anaconda-server-admin reset-password jsmith

The above command will prompt you to enter the new password twice. You may also reset the password directly:

anaconda-server-admin reset-password --password abcDEF123! jsmith

NOTE: Replace “abcDEF123!” with the new password.

Set a user’s plan to a free and unlimited plan:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan jsmith

Set all users with a given email domain to a free and unlimited plan:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan-for-domain

Before running this command you can display what the command will do without changing anything:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan-for-domain --dry-run

NOTE: Replace “” with the domain whose users you wish to upgrade.

Give the user the privileges of a superuser or remove them:

anaconda-server-admin set-superuser jsmith
anaconda-server-admin unset-superuser jsmith

Give the user the privileges of a staff user or remove them:

anaconda-server-admin set-staff jsmith
anaconda-server-admin unset-staff jsmith

Change a user’s login name (username):

anaconda-server-admin move-user old_name new_name

NOTE: Replace “old_name” with the current username, and “new_name” with the new username.

Ensure the files recorded in the database exist. Optionally also ensure that they have the correct checksum:

anaconda-server-admin verify-storage
anaconda-server-admin verify-storage --md5

List the key names of files with problems:

anaconda-server-admin verify-storage --list-files

Scan the storage for unused files and delete them:

anaconda-server-admin clean-storage

Update the bundled installers:

anaconda-server-admin update-installers