Working with organizations#

Creating an organization#

  1. Log in to your Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository.

  2. From the far-right drop-down menu next to your username, select New Organization.

  3. Scroll to the “Create Organization” box and enter a name for your organization.

    NOTE: Organization names can include dashes, but not spaces or special characters.

  4. Supply an email address for the organization, then click the Create Organization button.

    The system displays the dashboard for the new organization.

As the creator and owner of an organization, you have automatic administrative access to this organization and any packages associated with the organization.

From the far-right drop-down menu, Profile option shows a list of all organizations to which you belong.

Uploading packages to an organization#

Only the co-owners of an organization may upload packages to the organization.

To upload a package to an organization, in a Terminal or Anaconda Prompt use the -u/--user option:

anaconda upload --user ORGANIZATION package.tar.bz2

NOTE: Replace ORGANIZATION with the name of the organization, and package.tar.bz2 with the name of the package.

Transferring packages to an organization#

See Transferring a package to a new owner.

Customizing users and groups#

Only the co-owners of an organization may customize users and groups of the organization.

To add, remove, or edit group and user access for an organization you administer:

From the top right drop-down menu, select Groups, then click the name of the group you want to edit.

In the Members box, type the username of the user you want to add as a member, thenc lick the Add button.

To remove a member, in the list on the Members page, click the delete icon (trash can).

Users receive a dashboard notification when you add them to an organization.

Creating groups for differing access levels#

Within an organization, you can create a group to customize access for a group of users:

  1. From the top right drop-down menu, select Groups, then click the + New Group button.

  2. Give the group a name and click the Create group button.

  3. In the Members box, add the desired members by username.

  4. Add installers, packages, notebooks, projects or environments that this group can access.

  5. Click the Save Group button.

Deleting an organization#

To delete an organization you administer and erase all data associated with it:

  1. At the top right of the Repository interface, in the Profile list, select Switch To.

  2. Select the organization you want to delete.

  3. In the Profile list, select Settings.

  4. Select the Account option. You may be asked to verify your password.

  5. In the Delete Account section, click the Delete button.

    A confirmation page requests that you provide the full name of the organization.