Anaconda Fusion

Excel Data Science

Anaconda Fusion integrates the Anaconda Platform with Microsoft Excel.


Fusion provides these core benefits:

  • Connect Excel to open data science.

    Access open source packages–such as scikit-learn for predictive analytics, pandas for data transformations and Bokeh for rich, interactive visualizations–from within the familiar Excel environment.

  • Leverage data scientists’ notebooks easily through Excel.

    Run data science analysis–such as predictive models, interactive visualizations and big data queries–through a simple user interface (UI) without having to write code.

  • Access the power of Python and big data, embedded inside Excel.

    Run Python code in your spreadsheets to perform advanced transformations, modeling and querying of data stored in spreadsheets, databases, and Hadoop.

Getting Fusion

If you are an Anaconda Enterprise subscriber, a full license to Fusion is included as part of your subscription. You can easily install Fusion using Navigator.

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