Integration with Enterprise Edition

Anaconda Navigator has everything a user needs to setup the Enterprise Edition API domain and login with credentials. It is easy to add channels and install/update packages from Anaconda Enterprise Edition with Anaconda Navigator.

Login Action

To integrate with Enterprise Edition, click Sign in in the top right corner of the Navigator application. In the main login pop-up, click Sign in on the Enterprise Edition tab. If this is the first time you are logging in to Enterprise Edition you’ll be asked to set your Enterprise Edition domain. Enter your domain and click Set Domain.



If your domain is correct, you’ll see the login pop-up. Enter the credentials you use to log in to your Enterprise Edition platform, and then click Login. If all credentials are correct, you will be signed in.


Logout Action

A few things happen “under the hood” when you successfully log out:

  • The Conda configuration file (.condarc) returns to the state it was in before the login. (Navigator saves a copy of the .condarc file before a login in attempted.)
  • The access token created in the Enterprise Edition instance is removed.
  • The access token that was stored locally is removed.

Change Enterprise Edition API domain

To set the Enterprise Edition API domain, go to the navigation bar and click on Preferences. In the text field labeled Enterprise Edition API domain, enter the valid domain name:


Alternatively, this API domain can be set through the Configure Conda action:

  1. Click the button Configure Navigator:

  1. In the pop-up, find the option enterprise_edition_api_url in the section [main] and enter your domain name (by default, the value is set to None):

  1. Click Save and Restart. The application will restart and the setting will be set.

Yet another option for users is to change this setting directly where the anaconda-navigator.ini file is located by default.


The domain must be a full path without a trailing slash. For example: http(s)://