Eclipse and PyDev

Eclipse is an open source platform that provides an array of convenient and powerful code-editing and debugging tools. PyDev is a Python IDE that runs on top of Eclipse.

If you do not already have Eclipse and PyDev installed:

After you have Eclipse, PyDev, and Anaconda installed, set Anaconda Python as your default:

  1. Open the Eclipse Preferences window:


  2. In the PyDev list, select Interpreters, and then select Python Interpreter.

  3. Click the New button:


  4. In the Interpreter Name box, type Anaconda Python.

  5. Browse to your Anaconda Python interpreter path.

  6. Click the OK button:


  7. In the next window, select the folders to add to the SYSTEM python path:

    1. Select all the folders:


    2. Click the OK button.

      The Python Interpreters window now displays Anaconda Python:


    3. Click the OK button.

You are now ready to use Anaconda Python with your Eclipse and PyDev installation.