PyCharm is an intelligent Python IDE for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is offered in a free Community version and a Professional version for a fee.

To set up PyCharm to use Anaconda, use PyCharm’s Preferences window:

  1. Open the Preferences window by either of the following methods:

    • In the PyCharm menu, select Preferences:


    • In the top icon bar, click the Preferences icon:


  2. In the Project Interpreter list, select Python Interpreters.

  3. Click the + sign:


  4. If the Anaconda Python path is not listed, select Local, and then navigate to the Anaconda Python interpreter path.

    Anaconda is displayed in the list of Python Interpreters, along with the other packages that were installed with it:


  5. Click the OK button.

    The PyCharm IDE is now set up to use Anaconda.

For more information, see the official PyCharm documentation and the Configuring Available Python Interpreters section.

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