Data Connections#

Data Connections enable you to securely upload and update datasets in Anaconda Cloud. You can then provide access to other users, as well as import your datasets to a separate workbook to continue your data analysis from any machine, anytime.

Understanding connections#

Let’s take a look at the different elements and tabs within Data Connections.

  1. All

    Shows active workbook contents and all projects

  2. Connections

    Displays datasets previously uploaded to or downloaded from Anaconda Cloud

  3. New Project

    Create a new project to store and share datasets (sheets and tables)

  4. Filters

    Apply filters to efficiently locate data in your catalog

  5. This Workbook

    A collection of datasets in your current workbook

  6. My Projects

    A collection of all your cloud projects and their nested datasets

  7. User Shared Projects

    Projects to which you have access, owned by other individuals

  8. Org Shared Projects

    Projects to which you have access, owned by organizations

  9. Status Icons

    Indicates the connection status of your dataset

Creating a project#

When you first access Data Connections, you are prompted to create a new project. You can think of projects as folders for storing your datasets.

Create a project at any time using the following steps:

  1. From the All tab, click + New Project.

  2. Enter a unique title for your project and an optional description.

  3. Designate the project owner(s) for your project. By default, you are set as the only project owner.


    Administrators and project owners are the only users allowed to edit projects. Anaconda Cloud organization administrators have full permissions for any projects owned by their organization.

  4. (Optional) Provide access to your project by inviting users from one of your organizations.

  5. Click Save.

Sharing a project with other users#

You can share a project to collaborate with others in your organization when creating a new project, or at any time using the following steps:

  1. From the All tab, click actions beside a project for which you have edit permissions, then click Edit.

  2. Provide access to your project by inviting users from one of your organizations.

    1. Under Your Organizations, select an organization.

    2. Under Organization Users, select a user to share your project with.

    3. Choose whether the user should have read or write access to your project.

  3. Click Save.


Access to projects and the actions you can perform in them are determined by your permission level for the project. By default, you as the owner of your project have admin permissions; for projects owned by an organization, the admins of that organization have admin permissions for that project.

Permission level



View, download


View, download, upload


View, download, upload, share, delete

Uploading data#

Protect your local datasets and increase their accessibility by saving them in Cloud Storage. If you experience hardware failure, or need to work on a different device, your projects will be right where you left them!

Upload sheets and tables to your projects using the following steps:

  1. Select the All tab, then, under This Workbook, click upload beside the sheet or table you want to upload to the cloud.

  2. Under Data to Connect, keep your existing data selection, switch sheets, or choose a specific range within a sheet.


    To upload a specific range, you must highlight the range prior to completing this step.

  3. Under Project, select an existing project or create a new one to house your dataset.

  4. Under Dataset Title, provide a title for your dataset.

  5. Complete the upload by clicking Connect to Cloud.

From either the All or Connections tab, you can now see the established connection between your sheet or table and the newly created dataset.

When you make changes to the sheet or table, re-upload your sheet or table to update the dataset stored in the cloud.

Downloading data#

If another user shares a project with you, or you’re working in a separate workbook from where you uploaded a dataset, that dataset appears with an accompanying download icon.

Click download beside the dataset you want to download. Under Workbook Placement, select the sheet where you want to insert the data. Complete the download by clicking Connect to Workbook.

Understanding status icons#

Status icons appear by each dataset. Click the icons to perform the following functions:





Click to upload a dataset in your workbook to Anaconda Cloud.


Click to re-upload the dataset in your workbook to Anaconda Cloud.


Click to download a dataset from Anaconda Cloud to your workbook.


The dataset on Anaconda Cloud has been updated. Click to update the dataset in your Excel workbook with these changes.


The dataset in your Excel workbook is up-to-date with the dataset in Anaconda Cloud.


The dataset on Anaconda Cloud has been updated and now conflicts with the dataset in your Excel Workbook. Click to resolve the conflict.