Integration with Enterprise 4#

Anaconda Navigator has everything a user needs to set up the Enterprise 4 API domain and login with credentials. You can then add channels and install or update packages from Anaconda Enterprise 4 with Anaconda Navigator.

Login Action#

To integrate with Enterprise 4:

  1. Click Connect in the top right corner of the Navigator application.

  2. Click Sign in next to Enterprise 4 Repository. You can only be signed into one repository service at a time.

  3. If this is the first time you are logging in to Enterprise 4, you’ll be asked to set your Enterprise 4 domain. Enter your domain and click Set Domain.


    The domain must be a full path without a trailing slash. For example: http(s)://

  4. Enter the credentials you use to log in to your Enterprise 4 platform.

  5. Click Login. If all credentials are correct, you will be signed in.

Logout Action#

A few things happen internally when you successfully log out:

  • The Conda configuration file (.condarc) returns to the state it was in before the login. (Navigator saves a copy of the .condarc file before a login is attempted.)

  • The access token created in the Enterprise 4 instance is removed.

  • The access token that was stored locally is removed.

Change Enterprise 4 API domain#

To update the Enterprise 4 API domain, go to the navigation bar and click Preferences. In Enterprise 4 Repository API domain, enter the new domain name:

Alternatively, this API domain can be set through the anaconda-navigator.ini file.

  1. In Preferences, click Configure Navigator:

  2. In the pop-up, find the option enterprise_edition_api_url in the [main] section.

  3. Enter your domain name (by default, the value is set to None):

  4. Click Save and Restart. The application will restart and the setting will be set.

You can also change this setting directly in the anaconda-navigator.ini file, which is located by default in /.anaconda/navigator in your home directory.