Integration with Anaconda’s Professional Tier#

Anaconda Navigator has everything you need to set up the Pro token. You can then add channels and install or update packages from Anaconda’s professional repository with Anaconda Navigator.

Log in action#

To integrate with Pro:

  1. Click Connect in the top-right corner of the Navigator application.

  2. Click Sign In next to Anaconda Professional. You can only be signed into one repository service at a time.

  3. Enter your token to log in to your Pro tier instance.

  4. Click Set Token. If your token is valid, you will be signed in.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Login Detection#

If you have already logged in using a CLI, Navigator will detect that. Note that this works both ways: if you log out from Anaconda Professional in Navigator, your CLI session will be affected accordingly.

Login Mechanism#

Navigator uses the conda-token tool “under the hood.” For more details, see the “Authenticate to Anaconda” section in the Pro quickstart.


Once signed in, you will be able to add private channels in the Manage Channels dialog using the <my_channel_name> format, rather than<token>/<my_channel_name>.