CUDA SupportΒΆ


Platforms supported: Linux, Windows and Mac OSX 32/64-bit. Only support CUDA devices with compute capability 2.0 and above. Please see CUDA GPUs for a list of CUDA GPUs and their compute capability.


As of version 0.12.2, Anaconda is distributing a subset of CUDA toolkit 5.5 libraries. The following information is no longer necessary for most users.

NumbaPro searches in the system shared library path for the CUDA drivers and CUDA libraries (e.g. cuRAND, cuBLAS). Users can set environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory of the CUDA drivers to ensure that NumbaPro can find them. The instruction to do so is printed at the end of the CUDA SDK installation.

User can override the search path with the following environment variables:

    path to CUDA driver shared library file
    path to CUDA libNVVM shared library file
    path to CUDA libNVVM libdevice directory which contains .bc files.