Uninstalling Anaconda Distribution#


These instructions will also work for a Miniconda installation. Replace anaconda with miniconda for all instructions.

To uninstall your Anaconda installation:

  1. Search for and open Add or remove programs.

  2. Select your Anaconda installation.

  3. Click Uninstall.

  4. Complete the uninstall instructions that appear.

  1. Open your terminal application.

  2. (Optional) Remove any conda initialization scripts from all your terminal shell profiles by running the following command:

    conda activate
    conda init --reverse --all
  3. Remove your entire anaconda3 directory with rm -rf. Depending on your installation, this directory will be in your root folder or in your opt folder.

    # The following are a few examples of how you
    # may need to delete your Anaconda folder
    rm -rf anaconda3
    rm -rf ~/anaconda3
    rm -rf ~/opt/anaconda3
  4. Close and reopen your terminal to refresh it. You should no longer see (base) in your terminal prompt.