Release notes

2.37.0 - 2022-09-07

  • Added SHA256 checksums to packages on client side
  • Minor performance enhancements


2.36.1 – 2022-06-09

User-facing changes

  • Added support for the .conda package format (requires anaconda-client 1.10.0 or later).
  • Updated terminology for non-conda packages: “PyPI” packages are now called “Standard Python” packages, and “CRAN” packages are now “Standard R” packages.
  • Resolved a bug that cleared the search field after results are returned.

2.35.6 – 2021-08-11

User-facing changes

  • Changed ‘About us’ link in the footer to point to
  • Changed platform filter to extend to linux-aarch64 and linux-s390x.
  • Fixed duplicate files appearing on
  • Fixed versions sorting to show latest version on top of the list.
  • Removed the project history page.
  • Added PATCH operation to enable users to patch just the metadata for a package, without having to upload a new package.
  • Updated password recovery page with a unified layout.

2.35.5 - 2021-02-25

User-facing changes

  • Update privacy-policy link in the notification bar.
  • Fixed missing profile screen spacing.
  • Fixed missing margin for multiple elements.

2.35.4 - 2021-02-09

User-facing changes

  • Changed design for index page.
  • Fixed environment package uploading on UI with multiple package types.
  • Removed listing of all anaconda objects using empty search query for users.

2.35.3 - 2021-01-27

User-facing changes

  • Updated Download Anaconda link, user-guide link and privacy policy link
  • Added utm_source query param to Nucleus links
  • Changed font on buttons to “Museo Sans Rounded”
  • Fixed partly package metadata copying, implement support of PUT and PATCH operations for package copying

2.35.2 - 2021-01-11

User-facing changes

  • Updated Anaconda Cloud logos to
  • Removed any mention of Anaconda Cloud
  • Updated Terms & Conditions/EULA link
  • Updated Anaconda link
  • Made changes to ‘generate_ip_address_hash’ method.
  • Changed link to Anaconda Nucleus instead of Anaconda Enterprise
  • Added Anaconda Nucleus link in the footer
  • Changed font to Museo Sans Rounded

2.35.1 - 2020-11-24

User-facing changes

  • Fixed CIBUILD anaconda-client install

2.35.0 - 2020-11-24

User-facing changes

  • Updated Issue tracker link, documentation link, and removed email support
  • Updated links on Report a bug page
  • Updated links in footer

2.33.27 - 2018-07-30

User-facing changes

  • Removed /about/pricing
  • Allow the disabling of new Personal and Organization private accounts via Stripe API

2.33.26 - 2018-07-19

User-facing changes

  • Captcha on organization creation

2.33.25 - 2018-07-19

User-facing changes

  • Captcha on account creation

2.33.24 - 2018-07-03

User-facing changes

  • Removed ‘Pricing’ links from header and footer