Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks user overview (AEN 4.1.2)#

Empower the Data Science Team with cross-collaboration

With Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks (AEN), enterprise users can tap the benefits of Jupyter Notebooks in a secure, governed environment. Notebooks are a powerful way for users to share data narratives with the team and with the broader open data science community as lightweight applications. Notebooks encapsulate code, comments and visualization all in one place.

Data science assets - packages, environments, notebooks, interactive visualizations - can easily be identified, reused and standardized for projects. Controlling and managing is simplified with centralized revision control and collaborative locking.

AEN browser-based management of private packages, notebooks, and environments allows the data science team members to:

  • Create, share & manage private notebooks
  • Control notebook revisions
  • Compare and identify differences across notebook versions
  • Search notebooks for keywords and packages
  • Use enhanced collaborative notebook features including revision control & locking
  • Access on-premises and/or cloud collaborative notebook server
  • Utilize multiple language kernels like Python and R language in the same notebook
  • Create new notebook environments on the fly without leaving the notebook or entering commands in a terminal, and
  • Publish results to business stakeholders as interactive visualizations and presentations.

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