Help and support (AEN 4.2.0)#

Priority support is included with the purchase of an Anaconda subscription.

Contact your administrator first if you are having problems. Your administrator has a service level agreement where your issue will be responded to within a specific response time, depending on type and severity.

Training and consulting

Training and consulting is available for AEN and any other Anaconda product.

For more information, please contact your account representative or email the sales team.

Providing feedback

Your feedback is very important to us!

Please, send us any product feedback while you are thinking about it.

TIP: Be sure to select AEN as the Platform Component Name.

Submitting feature requests

We’d love to hear your ideas for consideration in future releases!

Your ideas help us build a better product. Your administrator can submit a support ticket for you.

NOTE: You can also request new features by using the product feedback form.

Reporting a bug

If you think you have found a bug, please contact your administrator immediately. They will open a support ticket for your issue.

Additional resources

The following resources are useful for getting started with Jupyter Notebooks: