Managing channels

Channels are locations where Navigator and conda look for packages.

You can search and browse packages and channels on


Navigator and conda only search for packages in active channels. You can temporarily disable a channel by making it inactive.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to look for packages on the “Milagro” channel of All three of these channel variations will look for packages in the same place on Cloud:

  • By URL–
  • By conda URL–
  • By name–milagro.

On the Environment tab, click the Channels button to open the Channels Manager.

Adding a channel

  1. Click Add.

  2. Type or paste the channel name, the URL, or the conda URL.


    A URL can also contain an access token parameter and value. A URL will automatically be transformed to a conda URL.

  3. Click Save.

Deleting a channel

  1. Click the trash can icon next to the channel name.
  2. Click Update Channels.