Configuring Navigator tiles

Anaconda Navigator contains some configuration options that allow you to customize the visibility of application tiles available on the Navigator Home tab.

Configuration files

Depending on your operating system, the configuration file can be created or edited at the following locations:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\.anaconda\navigator\applications\
  • macOS and Linux: ~/.anaconda/navigator/applications/

Each configuration file must be in a .yaml` format, but your files can be named anything (within the character limits for files in your operating system).

There are a few default applications that are registered in Navigator:

  • PyCharm Community - pycharm_ce
  • PyCharm Professional - pycharm_pro
  • VS Code - vscode
  • Datalore - datalore
  • IBM Watson Studio Cloud - ibm_watson

Use these identifier keys to hide the above default applications within Navigator.

Hiding existing tiles

Navigator contains some default applications that can be hidden by a config file. To hide one of these applications from the Navigator Home tab:

  1. Create a new config file (named something like config.yaml or hidden_apps.yaml) or edit an existing file.

  2. Add something like the following:

        is_available: false

In this example, the VS Code application tile will be hidden from users in the Navigator Home tab.