Uninstalling Anaconda

To uninstall Anaconda, you can do a simple remove of the program. This will leave a few files behind, which for most users is just fine. See Option A.

If you also want to remove all traces of the configuration files and directories from Anaconda and its programs, you can download and use the Anaconda-Clean program first, then do a simple remove. See Option B.

  1. Option A. Use simple remove to uninstall Anaconda:

    • Windows
      • Use Windows Explorer to delete the envs and pkgs folders prior to running the uninstall in the root of your installation.
      • In the Control Panel, choose Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a program, and then select Python 3.6 (Anaconda) or your version of Python.
    • macOS
      • Open the Terminal.app or iTerm2 terminal application, and then remove your entire Anaconda directory, which has a name such as anaconda2, anaconda3, or ~/opt. Enter rm -rf ~/anaconda3 to remove the directory.
    • Linux
      • Open a terminal window, and then remove your entire Anaconda directory, which has a name such as anaconda2 or anaconda3, by entering rm -rf ~/anaconda3.
  2. Option B. Full uninstall using Anaconda-Clean and simple remove.


    Anaconda-Clean must be run before simple remove.

    • Install the Anaconda-Clean package from Anaconda Prompt (terminal on Linux or macOS):

      conda install anaconda-clean
    • In the same window, run one of these commands:

      • Remove all Anaconda-related files and directories with a confirmation prompt before deleting each one:

      • Or, remove all Anaconda-related files and directories without being prompted to delete each one:

        anaconda-clean --yes

      Anaconda-Clean creates a backup of all files and directories that might be removed in a folder named .anaconda_backup in your home directory. Also note that Anaconda-Clean leaves your data files in the AnacondaProjects directory untouched.

    • After using Anaconda-Clean, follow the instructions above in Option A to uninstall Anaconda.

Removing Anaconda path from .bash_profile

If you use Linux or macOS, you may also wish to check the .bash_profile file in your home directory for a line such as:

export PATH="/Users/jsmith/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"


Replace /Users/jsmith/anaconda3/ with your actual path.

This line adds the Anaconda path to the PATH environment variable. It may refer to either Anaconda or Miniconda. After uninstalling Anaconda, you may delete this line and save the file.