Adding a third-party extension (AEN 4.2.1)#

Anaconda officially supports and tests functionality of the default environment(s) only for those extensions that ship with AEN.

It is possible to add third-party and custom extensions from conda-forge or pip, but doing so may cause instability in your default project environments or kernels.

CAUTION: Anaconda does not officially support third-party extensions. This section is informational only.

Installing unofficial Jupyter Notebook extensions for AEN

TIP: Always back up and verify your complete system before installing extensions.

The jupyter-contrib-nbextensions extensions are installed on a compute node.

The default conda executable directory for AEN is /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda. If you are installing a Jupyter extension, it must be installed in the wakari-compute directory.


/opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda install -p /opt/wakari/wakari-compute/ -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextension

For more information, see Unofficial Jupyter Notebook Extensions.