Creating groups with the same uid (AEN 4.2.1)#

If the /projects folder resides on an NFSv3 volume and you have a setup with several compute nodes, AEN will create local users with a different uid on each node.

To make the AEN compute service create groups with the same uid:

  1. In the /opt/wakari/wakari-compute/etc/wakari/wk-compute-launcher-config.json file, change the identicalGID key value to true:

    , "identicalGID": true

    If you don’t see the identicalGID key, add it.

    NOTE: You must add the comma at the beginning of the line. If you add this line as the last key, you must remove any comma at the end of the line.

  2. Restart the AEN compute service:

    sudo service wakari-compute restart