Cheat sheet#

The Admin dashboard includes three menus in the left column: Staff, Site Admin and Providers.

Staff menu#

  • Daily Report—See the number of users and projects.

  • Password Reset—Reset a user password.

  • Notification—Send system messages to users via SES or SMTP.

  • Exceptions—If errors are raised while AEN is running, a red dot appears in the AEN navigation bar. Review errors and mark them as read.

Site Admin menu#

  • General—Change the configuration settings for your AE Notebook server installation.

  • Accounts—Turns on or off Open Registration.

  • Users—View usernames, number of projects and last logins.

  • Monitor–View status of applications with related data, terminate or restart

  • Security Log—View errors that could affect security.

  • Data Centers—View current data centers and add a new data center.

  • Task Queue—View workers in the task queue and priority.

  • License—View current AEN license or upload a new license.

Providers menu#

Enterprise Resources—View, add or remove local or cloud services and designate public or private to control access to a compute node.