Searching for a project or file#

To search for projects and files, use the Search box in the AEN navigation bar. The search provides different results depending on which page you search from:

  • On a project home page, search results include any files that match your search criteria within the current project.

  • On any other AEN page, search results include any files that match your search criteria within all projects.

TIP: Your search results include only files and projects that you can view: public projects, and private projects to which you have a minimum of view access.

Types of files searched#

The following types of files are included in search results:

  • .py—Python source files.

  • .ipynb—IPython/Jupyter notebooks.

  • .txt—plain text files.

  • .md—Markdown files.

Search indexing#

Files that are modified while a project is running are automatically re-indexed shortly after the files are modified. If you create or update a large number of files—such as cloning a git repository or copying a directory—search results may take several minutes to update.

Files that are modified while the project is not running are re-indexed only after the project is started.

Using search constructs#

You can use the following search constructs:

  • Ordinary words will match the full-text contents of any file.

  • Wildcards are permitted.

    EXAMPLE: John* will match John and Johnny. These are glob patterns and are similar to their usage in the command line.

  • Combine queries using AND or OR, and group them using parentheses ().

Regular expression patterns can be embedded in the query string by wrapping them in forward-slashes (/):


The supported regular expression syntax is explained in the Elasticsearch reference.

NOTE: Wildcards apply inside a regular expression. A query string such as /.*n/ would force the search to visit every term in the index.

Searching metadata fields#

You can search in specific metadata fields:

  • imports:name—matches files that import the module name.

  • uses:name—matches files that reference the identifier name. Referenced names include any functions and globals imported from other modules, as well as the names of any methods invoked on any object.

  • defines:name—matches files that define the identifier name. Defined names include functions defined at global scope, class names, and method names within classes.

  • acl:user—matches files in which the named user has read access or higher.

Searching a project#

  1. In the Search box, type a string of text:

    TIP: Search by glob patterns, which are similar to file matching in the command line.

    EXAMPLE: To find projects in the test family that are numbered from 00 to 99, search for Test-??. To find all projects whose name ends with “Stats,” search for *Stats.

  2. Press Enter.

  3. In the search results, click the plus + icon above a project name to show a list of matching files in the selected project:

    TIP: Click the project name to open the project’s home page.

  4. To view a file, click its file name in the matching files list: