Installing the AEN gateway#

The gateway is a reverse proxy that authenticates users and automatically directs them to the proper AEN compute node for their project. Users will not notice this node as it automatically routes them.

Gateway is installed in the /opt/wakari/wakari-gateway directory.

Setting variables and changing permissions#


export AEN_GATEWAY_PORT=8089
export AEN_GATEWAY=<FQDN HOSTNAME OR IP ADDRESS>  # will be needed shortly
chmod a+x aen-*.sh                # Set installer to be executable

NOTE: Change <FQDN HOSTNAME OR IP ADDRESS> to the actual fully qualified domain hostname or IP address.

NOTE: You must perform the entire procedure before closing the terminal to ensure the variable export persists. If the terminal is closed before successful installation, export the variables to continue with the installation.

Running the AEN gateway installer#


sudo -E ./ -w $AEN_SERVER
<license text>

Logging to /tmp/wakari_gateway.log
Checking server name
Please restart the Gateway after running the following command
to connect this Gateway to the AEN Server

Registering your gateway#

The gateway needs to register with the AEN server.

This needs to be authenticated, so the NFI user’s credentials created during the AEN server install must be used.

To write the configuration file /opt/wakari/wakari-gateway/etc/wakari/wk-gateway-config.json, run the following as sudo or root:

sudo /opt/wakari/wakari-gateway/bin/wk-gateway-configure \
--server http://$AEN_SERVER --host $AEN_GATEWAY \
--port $AEN_GATEWAY_PORT --name Gateway --protocol http \
--summary Gateway --username $AEN_SRVC_ACCT \
--password '<NFI USER PASSWORD>'

NOTE: replace <NFI USER PASSWORD> with the password of the NFI user that was generated during server installation.

Setting permissions#


sudo chown $AEN_SRVC_ACCT /opt/wakari/wakari-gateway/etc/wakari/wk-gateway-config.json

Starting the gateway#


sudo service wakari-gateway start

Verifying your gateway registration#

  1. Log in to the AEN server using the Chrome or Firefox browser and the AEN_SRVC_ACCT user.

  2. In the AEN navigation bar, click Admin to open the Admin Settings page.

  3. In the Site Admin menu, select Data Centers:

  4. Click your data center:

  5. Verify that your data center is registered and the status is {"status": "ok", "messages": []}:

What’s next#

Install the AEN compute node(s).