Using Compute Resource Configuration#

The Compute Resource Configuration (CRC) application displays information about the current project and allows you to set a custom project environment and view and manage your other AEN applications, including stopping, starting, restarting and viewing the logs of each.

The CRC application screen contains 3 sections:


The Info section displays:

  • Hostname—IP address of the host computer.

  • Project Home—File path to the project home.

  • Project RC file—File path to the project runtime configuration file .projectrc. This file is sourced when a user opens any AEN application. It sets several AEN internal environment variables, sets up the project environment and sets additional user environment variables for the project.

Conda environment#

This section displays the path to the default conda environment.

CAUTION: Changing the default environment will affect all users. Be sure that no team members have any unsaved documents before changing the project environment.

To change the default conda environment location:

  1. Edit the path to point to your preferred conda environment.

  2. Click the Set Project Environment button.

    Your .projectrc file is modified.

Running apps#

The Running Apps section displays a list of users and the applications that are in use, as well as when the app was last modified.

To terminate any individual application, click the Terminate button.

To stop and re-launch any individual application, click the Relaunch button.

To review the run logs of any active application, which may be useful for troubleshooting, click the Logs button.