Whitelisting or blacklisting packages#

Sometimes you do not want to replicate all the packages from Repository into your mirror. The anaconda-server-sync-conda tool includes whitelist/blacklist functionality to manipulate your list of mirrored packages in a variety of ways.

A mirror config file can be specified when you run anaconda-server-sync-conda with the flag --mirror-config=FILEPATH and replace FILEPATH with the path to your config file.

NOTE: Configuration files are yaml files.

To customize your distribution, you have the following options:

  • remote_url: Repository mirrors packages from this source URL.

  • mirror_dir: Repository stores packages in this directory on the machine where the script is executed.

  • platforms: Repository mirrors packages for these platforms.

  • license_blacklist: Repository omits packages with these licenses.

  • blacklist: Repository omits these packages.

  • whitelist: Repository always mirrors these packages.

TIP: You do not need to set up every option manually. If you only want to adjust one or two options, that is allowed. Untouched options remain defined by the default setting.

EXAMPLE: The following example only selects packages that are available for linux-32 and linux-64 platforms. Win-32 or win-64 packages are not mirrored at all:

mirror_dir: /opt/anaconda-server/package-storage
  - linux-32
  - linux-64
license_blacklist: GPL
  - distribute
  - conda
  - flask
  - readline

The step-by-step algorithm that is used by cas-mirror to create the ultimate list of packages to mirror follows this order:

  1. Get a full list of packages from default_url.

  2. If the platforms option is present, only those packages available to the platforms listed here are left on the list.

  3. If license_blacklist is present, then all the packages subject to any of the licenses mentioned here are removed from the list. See the list of license families that can be blacklisted.

  4. If blacklist is present, then all member packages explicitly mentioned here are removed from the list.

  5. If whitelist is present, then those assigned member packages are added to the list. The whitelist option overrides license_blacklist and blacklist, so that a package listed here is mirrored even when under a GPL license or if it appears in the blacklist option.

After performing all of the above actions sequentially, the script produces the ultimate list of packages that are mirrored.