Wing IDE#


This page is no longer maintained, and may be out of date.

Wing IDE is an IDE designed specifically for the Python programming language. Wing IDE is offered in a paid Pro version and in free Personal and 101 versions.


These instructions refer to Anaconda Distribution exclusively, but will also work with Miniconda.

To set up your Wing IDE installation to use Anaconda:

  1. Navigate to the Python configuration window:

    • In Wing 101, in the Edit menu, select Configure Python.

    • In Wing Personal and Wing Pro, in the Project menu, select Project Properties.

    The Wing 101 menu looks like this:

  2. Next to Python Executable, click the Custom radio button.

  3. Click the Browse button and navigate to your Anaconda Python interpreter path.

  4. For Python Path, click the Custom radio button.

  5. Click the Insert button and browse to your Anaconda Python interpreter path.

  6. Click the OK button:

  7. If you are prompted to reload your Python shell, do so. After the reload, Anaconda is displayed on the Python Shell tab:

    Wing IDE is now set up to Anaconda’s Python.

For more information, see the Wing IDE documentation.