Third Party Extensions (AEN 4.1.2)#

NOTE: Continuum does not officially support third-party extensions. This section is informational only.

Continuum officially supports and tests functionality of the default environment(s) only for those extensions that ship with Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks. It is possible to add third-party/custom extensions from conda-forge or pip, but doing so may cause instability in default project environments or kernels.

How to install Unofficial Jupyter Notebook Extensions on AEN

NOTE: Always back up your complete system before installing extensions.

Extensions name: jupyter-contrib-nbextensions

These extensions are installed on the compute node.

The default conda executable for AEN is /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda; however, if user wishes to install an extension on jupyter, it must be installed in the wakari-compute location.

EXAMPLE: From the command line, use this command to install the extension: /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda install -p /opt/wakari/wakari-compute/ -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextension

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