JupyterLab Application (AEN 4.1.2)#

JupyterLab is an early alpha preview of the next generation of the Jupyter Notebook. It is included for you to take a tour and play with its capabilities.

NOTE: JupyterLab is experimental. It is not yet intended for production work.

To use the JupyterLab application, log onto AE Notebooks and select the project you want to work on, or create a new project and open it.

After you’ve opened your project you will see a row of icons. Click on the “JupyterLab” icon. In a new tab of your browser, a JupyterLab window will open:


Click the “Take a tour” link for a guided tour of all the features it will contain when it is ready for production.

Then play with it yourself by clicking Notebook, Code Console, Terminal or Text Editor.

NOTE: JupyterLab does not yet include any of the notebook extensions that are available in AE Notebooks Jupyter Notebooks application.

More information

For more information on JupyterLab, see the JupyterLab Alpha blog post.