Backing up and restoring AEN (AEN 4.2.0)#

Creating an AEN backup

  1. Back up and test the AEN database with the mongodump utility:

    mongodump -o wakari_dump > wakari_backup.log
    tar cvf wakari_backup.tar ./wakari_dump
  2. Back up the project files in /projects/\*.

  3. Back up the configuration files.

    • /opt/wakari/wakari-server/etc/\*
    • /opt/wakari/wakari-gateway/etc/\*
    • /opt/wakari/wakari-compute/etc/\*

Restoring an AEN backup

  1. Re-install AEN.
  2. Stop AEN processes.
  3. Restore the database using the mongorestore utility.
  4. Restore the /projects/\* backup.
  5. Verify the permissions of the directories and files in /projects.
  6. Restore the configuration file backups.
  7. Start AEN processes.