Setting up a default project environment#

AEN includes a full installation of the Anaconda Python distribution—along with several additional packages—located within the root conda environment in /opt/wakari/anaconda.

The first time any new AEN project is started, this default project environment is cloned into the new project’s workspace.

To configure a different set of packages than the default:

  1. Create a new conda environment in the /opt/wakari/anaconda/envs/default directory.

    EXAMPLE: Using a Python 3.4 base environment, run:

    sudo -u $AEN_SRVC_ACCT /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda \
        create -p /opt/wakari/anaconda/envs/default python=3.4
  2. Use conda to install any additional packages into the environment.

  3. After the environment is created, clone it to ensure that it works correctly:

    sudo -u $AEN_SRVC_ACCT /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda \
        create -p /opt/wakari/testenv --clone /opt/wakari/anaconda/envs/default
    sudo -u $AEN_SRVC_ACCT rm -rf /opt/wakari/testenv

Converting an existing project#

  1. Run the following command to clone the environment:

    sudo -u $AEN_SRVC_ACCT /opt/wakari/anaconda/bin/conda \
        create -n /projects/owner/project/envs/<ENV_NAME> \
        --clone /opt/wakari/anaconda/envs/default

    NOTE: Replace /projects/owner/project/envs/<ENV_NAME> with the path to the new environment you would like to create within the project.

  2. Open the Compute Resource Configuration application for your project and set the project environment path there as well.