Copying a package#

To copy a package from the channel conda-forge to a personal channel such as jsmith:

anaconda copy conda-forge/glueviz/0.10.4 --to-owner jsmith

conda-forge/glueviz/0.10.4 is a “spec” and can match either of two formats: user/package/version or user/package/version/filename.

In case the package glueviz/0.10.4 already exists for user jsmith, you will receive the following error message: File conflict while copying!. If you want to copy the package anyway, try using the --replace or --update options. Using the replace option allows you to overwrite an already existing package. Using the update option allows you to add missing metadata to an existing package.

Deprecated options#

Previously labels were called “channels”, and the anaconda copy command has deprecated options from-channel and to-channel that expect to operate on labels.

These deprecated options should not be used.

If you attempt to use them in a command such as anaconda copy --from-channel conda-forge --to-channel jsmith glueviz, you will get an error that Label conda-forge does not exist.