Using cross-platform “noarch” packages#

As of Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository version 2.6.0, your Repository supports conda “noarch” packages that contain no operating system-specific files.

The conda build system allows you to specify “no architecture” when building a package, so it is compatible with all platforms and architectures. Noarch packages from your Repository instance can be downloaded and installed on any platform.

NOTE: Noarch packages are not compatible with Anaconda constructor. If you intend to use the packages with Anaconda constructor, build the packages for specific operating systems.

Building noarch packages#

To specify a noarch build, use the noarch key in the build section of your conda recipe’s meta.yaml file:

      noarch: generic

See the conda documentation for full information on noarch packages.

Additional examples can be found in the conda-recipes repository on github.

Uploading noarch packages#

You can upload noarch packages to Repository in the same manner as any other package:

anaconda upload babel

Noarch packages are identified on Repository by a cross-platform icon: