Configure Anaconda Repository to use PAM

Open the Anaconda Repository configuration file $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/config.yaml and add the following configuration to enable Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) support:


When switching authentication to PAM the admin account is lost, so you need to add your admin account again:

anaconda-server-admin set-superuser "jsmith"

To apply the changes, restart the Anaconda Repository server:

supervisorctl restart all

Open a new browser window and navigate to your local Anaconda Repository installation:


NOTE: Replace “your.anaconda.server” with your actual Anaconda Repository server IP address or domain name.

You can now log in using your PAM credentials.

NOTE: To use the “shadow” PAM backend, add the user under which Anaconda Repository is running (usually “anaconda-server”) to the “shadow” group:

sudo usermod -a -G shadow anaconda-server